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A Country Girl From Croaker


My name is Phyllis Garrett. I was born in Croaker, Virginia, in 1937. For 
many years I have had the desire to write about my life. I wanted my 
children to know and understand the roots of our family, and to gain a 
better understanding of their mother. As I began to write about my life, 
it developed into more than just a story. I have tried to be honest, open, 
and sincere as I recalled the events in my life. It has been a wonderfully 
heartwarming and, at times, a painful adventure. This hasn't been an easy 
task, but it has certainly been a rewarding and interesting one. It has 
also been a learning experience for me, and so it is with pride that I pass 
my life's story onto you, that you may enjoy and learn about "A Country 
Girl from Croaker.”

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